Black Male AKC


Black Male AKC – Puppy will be ready for pickup April 30th, 2021

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To the best of the seller’s knowledge this puppy, identified as above, is of good health and all worming and vaccinations are up to date. Great care has been exercised to control or eliminate parasite and/or skin conditions such as intestinal worms, coccidiosis, fleas, mites, etc. A record will be given with the puppy of dates and medications given. Your veterinarian will advise you on the remainder of coming weeks, months, and years. The buyer is given 48 hours from the time of taking possession of the puppy to take the puppy to as licensed veterinarian of their choice and at their expense. In the even of death of puppy, and autopsy  showing cause of death and ruling out abuse of animal is required. If the veterinarian finds any life threatening conditions to exist, this puppy may be exchanged for another puppy of the same breed and price range. A WRITTEN STATEMENT FROM YOUR VETERINARIAN MUST BE PROVIDED IN THE CASE OF A RETURN. THERE IS NO STANDING POLICY of a cash return if the puppy is returned. The breeder is not responsible for the cost of any veterinarian checkups, medications after the sale is final. The buyer is responsible for return shipping charges incurred if pulp is returned.